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    (PS: Under the Members section there is a Veterans Help Link, in the links is a Interactive Agent Orange map. Just put in the month and year and it will show you exactly where it was sprayed. You can do month at a time for your whole tour and even a few months before you arrived… Ron)

    I recently had a health scare that I thought I would share with my brothers.

    I found a lump on my upper left chest, naturally I went to the doctor.

    Who immediately asked where I played soldier. I told her Vietnam, she then asked about Agent Orange exposure. She was thinking Soft Tissue Sarcomas. (Breast Cancer)

    This started me on a search for Agent Orange distribution, I thought I was ok because I spent most of my time in Nha Trang. I was wrong, Nha Trang was sprayed.

    The Veterans Administration considers anyone who was in Nam between, January 9, 1962 and May 7, 1975   to have been exposed.
    I have been cleared, for now, but felt a need to share, especially for the families of our fallen who may fallen to a related Diseases.

    You are free to publish this for the troops.

    Carl Erbacher 68-69

    SEE the following links:

    Agent Orange:   http://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/agentorange/index.asp

    Exposure by Location      http://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/agentorange/locations/index.asp

    Veterans’ Diseases Associated with Agent Orange: http://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/agentorange/conditions/

    Benefits Overview for Agent Orange Exposure: http://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/agentorange/benefits/index.asp

    Areas Sprayed

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