“I Have Seen The Dragon”

                     (By: Gary Draper)

Fifty three years ago; I saw the Dragon! As a young man, I Dared Stare him in the eyes!

The Dragon was Vietnam!

I felt his Fiery, Acrid breath!

It is Called Agent Orange!

The Dragon’s breath still burns today!

With Vengeance perhaps, for all who Dared; to stare into his eyes; and Survive!

The Dragon With his Fiery, Acrid Breath; will  Win, in the end; I Fear!

His Toll rises by the thousands every year!

We must battle on; This Army of Old Men; The War that Has Truly, NEVER Left Us!

In Mind nor Body!

Be Strong my Brothers; it is the LAST FIGHT for many of us!

Dedicated to all who suffer from Agent Orange!

The Agent Orange Memorial in Rochester NY; is our True Memorial! No names are etched there! Just a Soldier; Marching and Fading into a wall; anonymously, remembered; Only by Loved Ones and Friends!

Gary Draper 272nd MP Co.

Vietnam 66-67

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About the Author:

Served with the 272nd from April 66-67. After Nha Trang we traveled to Phu My, Phu Cat, Tuy Hoa, Tuy An, and Bong Son on the River along with other villages along the way. This was the 2nd Platoon of the Fighting Deuce under Lt. William Johnson. LZ Hammond & LZ English working both with the 101st Airborne and the 1st Cavalry Air Mobile.

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