“I Have Seen The Dragon”

                     (By: Gary Draper)

Fifty three years ago; I saw the Dragon! As a young man, I Dared Stare him in the eyes!

The Dragon was Vietnam!

I felt his Fiery, Acrid breath!

It is Called Agent Orange!

The Dragon’s breath still burns today!

With Vengeance perhaps, for all who Dared; to stare into his eyes; and Survive!

The Dragon With his Fiery, Acrid Breath; will  Win, in the end; I Fear!

His Toll rises by the thousands every year!

We must battle on; This Army of Old Men; The War that Has Truly, NEVER Left Us!

In Mind nor Body!

Be Strong my Brothers; it is the LAST FIGHT for many of us!

Dedicated to all who suffer from Agent Orange!

The Agent Orange Memorial in Rochester NY; is our True Memorial! No names are etched there! Just a Soldier; Marching and Fading into a wall; anonymously, remembered; Only by Loved Ones and Friends!

Gary Draper 272nd MP Co.

Vietnam 66-67